Form 179 of the Treasury arrives again

Form 179 that existed until 2019 is once again mandatory for all rental intermediary entities in tourist accommodation, providing data such as the name of the owner of the property, or failing that, who has the right to rent it, number of guests in every stay, price paid, days of stay, means of payment and property cadastral data.

Based on our experience, the communication of these data may seem abusive, but in the end, it becomes a transparency that allows making the income statement easier and above all, FORCES THE MANAGERS to have absolute transparency with their clients , the owners.

Del Parque Flats missed this model, because what distinguishes our company is the transparency, seriousness and accuracy in the information provided to our owners.

The Form must be submitted at the end of each natural quarter, the communications will take place in the months of October, January, April and July. Exceptionally, the days of June will be presented with the aggregated data for the Third Quarter, in October.

Form 179 of the Treasury arrives again
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