Touristic information

Malaga has many kindnesses, such as a mild climate during the most part of the year, aided by the humidity of the Mediterranean Sea and one of the main airports in Spain.

Likewise, it has been consolidated as a tourist capital that must be within the cities to be known in Spain, as well as being consolidated as one of the most important tourism ports in the Mediterranean.

"Malaga, capital of the homonymous province, is the fifth city in Spain in number of inhabitants, it is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, in a privileged natural enclave, its municipal area has an area of ​​398.25 square kilometers and its population reaches 568,000 inhabitants, although the metropolitan area is close to one million.

The Mediterranean Sea bathes its coasts and the mountains of Malaga surround it, forming a mountainous barrier that defends it from the cold, characterizing its climate due to its mild temperatures thanks to the role of the sea as a thermal regulator. The warmest months are July and August and the coldest months are December and February. In any case, the average temperatures oscillate are of 22,8º C of maximum and 13 ºC of minimum. The distribution of rainfall in Malaga is quite well defined by the seasons of the year, with the highest rainfall in autumn and winter."

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