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From Del Parque Flats we offer you some key questions:

  • ¿Do you own a flat and want more performance?
  • ¿Do you want to generate money with your second home?
  • ¿Are you afraid to rent a long term and not be able to use your home?
  • ¿What happens if I do not know what to do to turn it into Tourist Accommodation?
  • I have a flat without reforming in a good area and I do not know how to start

At Del Parque Flats, we will make you earn the easiest money you have ever had. Our owners not only leave us their home, they leave us part of their dream and we take care of everything EVERYTHING!

Work, Reform, Licenses, Permits, Decoration, Furniture, Painting, ... everything you do not want to do, leave it in our hands.

We have a specialized legal department, tax and labor, construction and interior design.

Our clients only see at the beginning of the month, how their second home generates money, without stopping doing what they want..

Tell us what you have and we will tell you when you can win, and again, without stopping doing WHAT YOU WANT

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